Sewer Line Inspection Services

Because the cast iron pipe is known to rust, crack, and leak with time, it is no longer used in residential homes (for the most part). Your cast iron pipe may be leaking and you may not even be aware of it! Many of our clients have experienced that issue. Sewage that has a damaged cast iron pipe lingers beneath your house rather than traveling to its intended location. Use our high-resolution video cameras designed exclusively for plumbing inspections to help our expertly qualified inspectors check your plumbing system for leaks.

With recent technological advancements (such as hydro-jetting), sewer line cameras have emerged as the most effective and precise method for identifying even the most challenging plumbing problems. It eliminates any uncertainty or risk of property damage associated with having to dig up the pipes to check the pipes by allowing inspectors and plumbers to get a complete inside look at the pipes that are underground in the home’s foundation.

The camera’s fiber optic wires are supported by a flexible rod that allows it to turn around to view the pipes completely. We receive quick information about the state of the system via the real-time video.

We can see the inside of the pipe and anything that might be creating problems, such as blockages caused by dirt and buildup, using high resolution imaging.

Pictures and videos can be taken and saved for later use. When analyzing the inspections to determine the best course of action for fixing the sewage line or providing proof to the insurance company, this is essential.